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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you have a connection in ET?

At this very moment we have a little baby in Ethiopia that is in an orphanage in Awassa, Ethiopia. He arrived at his orphanage, Ajuuja Children's Home, at 10 days old. He is now a little over 3 months old. Our paperwork has stalled out, due to the local MOWA taking on more authority in his region and for some reason they are not signing off on paperwork. Nobody in our agency is quite sure why and they are uncertain as to when they will begin signing papers again. If it is not submitted before the courts close from August 6th to October 15, then we are looking at a terribly long time before we even get a court date. All that to say, we are considering going to Ethiopia to stay between our court date and Embassy (6-12 weeks, hopefully) to prevent another move to a different care center and to start our life together. So, I am throwing out the net to see if anyone has any connections in the Awassa region of Ethiopia. We will be one of the first families in our agency to actually go to Awassa, so we don't know any first hand experience of the city. If you happen to know of someone who runs an organization or has been there on a mission trip or has any experience there, we would love to talk to them. You can either facebook me or leave a comment below.

We don't know if we will actually do this, but we are starting to pray that God either gives us a big NO, or that connections start being made and pieces start falling into place. Even if we do choose to go over there, it is sooooo important that we get submitted to court before they close in a week. So, I'm begging you all to please, please, please, pray with us. We would truly covet those prayers. Thank you everyone.


Scott and Hartley said...

My sister in law is a lawyer and works for homeland security/international adoption...just sent her this blog post. Will let you know if she has any thoughts...

Aimee said...

We just received a referral for a little girl at Ajuuja. We had not heard that the MOWA is slow processing the paperwork from this area. That doesn't give me much hope that we will have a court date before Christmas. YIKES!


hollysue said...

Aimee. You never know. I'm still really hoping for a court date before Christmas. They may just just decide to sign everyone's paperwork one of these days??? That aside, how old is your child? Congratulations on your referral. Maybe our little people are best friends?

Robbins Nest said...

So how did things work out? I am praying for your family right now. We are waiting for our daughter in Ethiopia right now, wondering how God worked things out for you.
- Donna:)

hollysue said...

Well Robbins Nest,

We never got little N. He is still sitting in an orphanage in Awassa. We went over and visited him a couple times, but that region has pretty much shut down, but hasn't claimed that officially. We did receive a new referral for a toddler girl and she has now been home for 6 weeks and we are falling in love with her more and more every day.