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Friday, February 25, 2011

Could 15 be the new 2?

We moved again this Wednesday, on the boy list! Number 15, baby! On Wednesday morning, I was thinking that it would probably be about this time next year that we will be bringing home a baby. But now I have no clue! It was the ELEVENTH family on the list that got the referral. Here's the situation. There a some families on hold for one reason or another (pregnancy, lost job, that sort of thing) and then there are some families that would prefer a child that is 0-12 months old. So, the referral made it's way all the way to number 11 before finding a family that felt like a 1 1/2 year old would fit well into their family right now. That changes everything! I know that there is at least one other family ahead of us that would definitely accept a referral for a baby over the age of one, so that means that we could the second family in line for a 12-24 month old boy. On the other hand, the hold families may return to active status and we may wait for 15 other families to accept referrals for infant boys, before it is our turn. All of the sudden, though, it felt like, we could get a referral any day now. WOW!!!!!! We might have to move that garage sale date up a little. One thing on my "to do list" this weekend, is to give my agency a special ring tone for when we get the call. Not that I think it will be happening any time real soon, but I'm sure that the eleventh family on the list was not even expecting that call! I've gotta tell you, that it is exciting and scary and everything in between to think that our child may be alive somewhere in Ethiopia at this very moment. WOW!


Andy, Charity, Noah, Heath and Elijah said...

That's exactly what happened with us! Before Christmas when we were #3 I asked Liz about 1&2 being on hold. Then she told me they were going back active so I wasn't prepared at all when we got the call in January!!!! And she didn't even call on the # that I had programmed - I almost didn't answer it. LOL
Exciting times, exciting times!

Anonymous said...

That is exciting, Holly! I am so excited for you guys and am hoping that you are closer to #2 than #15.

Alissa said...

ok holly, you need to send me an email,or find me on facebook!! i will look for you too!! my email is on my blog info. yiippepeee, i feel the same with this new referral. my I 171 is still not with ian so i have to get it there quick. im number 12!!!! im in shock!! come on older babies (over 1yr olds)!!!!!

Emily said...

excited for you holly!!!! i remember waiting for the phone to ring- it can be a very nerve wracking time-- i know it may be hard- but don't live for that call (i know because i did in 2007 and then last year waiting for our travel approval!) adoption is 100x harder than pregancy!!!