In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A year and half ago, we moved into a new house. The months before and after the move were definitely in the running for the worst few months of my life for a variety of reasons. We prayed a lot during that time about where we should move and I am still so excited about where we landed. It's only about 10 minutes away from our former house, but we are in a different city and a completely different type of neighborhood. I was a little concerned that I wouldn't find any other people in my stage of life, because it is an older neighborhood and because there were not a lot of big plastic Little Tike contraptions in peoples' front yards. As it turns out though, there are a lot of new people in the neighborhood that are exactly in my same stage of like. Within all these people there is a lot of diversity: one from England, one from the Czech Republic, one from Finland, one that grew up in India as a Sikh, some that work, some that stay at home, some that sing, some that ski, some that go to church, some that don't, some that live alternative lifestyles, some that run, some that do yoga, and the list goes on. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, different beliefs and different interests, but everyone is so fun, interested, interesting and encouraging. You may be wondering how this relates to adoption and it does. I'm just so grateful for neighbors that are so accepting of all different kinds of people and different types of families. I know that our little Ethiopian child and our family will be seen as any other family, in our neighborhood, and in the schools here. And it is now starting to feel like like it won't be that long before we know who our child will be. We moved one more spot on the boy list on Friday, putting us at #18. It's so fun to see the list move when you least expect it. Hopefully, there will be more movement next week! Catch ya'll later!

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Emily said...

hey holly!!!!!!!!!! so excited to see that you're adopting!!!!! are you using CCAI in denver?? we need to get together soon:) here's our blog:
and our non-profit's blog: