In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Monday, January 24, 2011

The teens!

We are in the TEENS! Hopefully, this round of teens will only last a few months. Some might shudder as they think back to their teen years, but I actually loved most of my teen years. I had my awkward moments, like when I wore my "Surf Fetish" shorts to school, while it was snowing. My bad haircut that same year (8th grade). When I fell on my face in musical practice as I was attempting a ballet move and the whole orchestra stopped. When I threw up on the bus right after I told Eric Zimmerman that I felt totally fine. OK - maybe I didn't like my teens. It's like birthing a baby - you forget the pain after enough time passes. No really, I think I liked my teens, for two reasons. First, because I had no desire to be popular (and boy did it show.) If you've seen Modern Family, my and my sister were like the two teenage sisters on that show. You can guess which one I am more like if you watch it. Second, I was also really into my youth group and church and from a pretty early age, I was fairly confident in the God's love. I always felt that God loved me, my parents loved me, and anyone else was just a big huge bonus. Anyway, in case you don't know me, things have totally changed. I still feel loved by God, but I am super, super cool now;)


Kelley said...

I know I've only met you once at training, but I know you're super, super cool now!

Congratulations on reaching the teens!

Kelly said...

Yay teens!! LOVE Modern Family...though I'm pretty sure you're exaggerating just a smidge. ;)

Alissa said...

congratulations on the teens!!!!

Jessica said...

I cannot believe that you were the nerdy sister! You are just unintentionally cool. :)

Mindy said...

Hey!! I do NOT think I was like the "other" sister from Modern Family. We definitely had different experiences in the teenage years, but I can tell you for certain that I never felt like I could be compared to the sister you are referring to.
p.s. I'm happy for you sis. I love you and miss you.