In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Friday, November 5, 2010

Be cool, Be cool!

"Be cool, be cool" That is what I am trying to tell myself. Once in awhile I get a little uptight about the growing wait in front of us and I have to just take a breath and be cool. When I talked to our agency this week, I was asking when I should start this next round of paperwork and she said that we would most likely not get a referral for at least a year, so we should hold off for awhile. In my mind, I'm thinking that it could easily be a couple years until we get a child. All that being said, it is totally fine if it takes two or even three years. Practically and financially speaking, it would be great. If it looks like the process will continue to slow down, then we may even put our names on the sibling list. This is where I have to remind myself that God has been soooo present this far and he will continue to direct our steps until the time we meet our child or children! Right now, I am super excited to be the parent of two awesome kids. Yesterday was her 2nd birthday, so I'll sign off now with a couple of photos of our crazy TWO YEAR OLD whose favorite present was her new "bag" (purse).

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Anonymous said...

I din't realize the process would slow down. That has to be frustrating even if you realize this is all in God's timing. What a great attitude you have, Holly. We'll have to talk because Phil and I were considering to adopt here in Colorado. And most likely it would be siblings. I just don't know if this is what God wants for us or not. Anyway- your big two year old is darling!