In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dave - A Father of Four!

Believe it or not, I have not been dreading Valentine's Day.  It's not like life with three kids really brings you to some love pinnacle on the fourteenth of every February.  Maybe our first couple of Valentines' days were full of passion and bliss, but the past few years, Valentine's Day, has been more of a reminder of how hard it is to stir romance in the midst of three kids, a dog and the monotony of the daily grind.

I have certainly had a couple of teary moments today, like writing this post and when the elderly ladies at the Y were casually sharing their plans for Valentine's Day, but for the most part, I have been a little giddy about it.  How can that be, you ask?  Only because of Dave.

Dave's purest love could be seen in the story of Negusu.  Dave was so amazingly selfless about Goosey.  I have always loved Negusu, but have also spent a lot of time being conflicted about how hard to pursue bringing him home.  Dave was always 100%.  Just a few months ago, Dave and I were in the living room and Dave pleaded in one of my more wavering moments, "Holly!  We are bringing him home.  He has nothing!  I will work two jobs and we can hire a nanny. We have to bring him home."  Of course, a few days later, God was crystal clear about closing the door. God seriously spoke to us.  It was crazy.  And now, I think of what I would do, if I had to make the choice to not bring Negusu home on my own, knowing that it was Dave's deepest wish.  I mean seriously?  God spared me and protected me as His child.  God knew what was best for us and for me.

A few days after the door was officially closed and a supernatural peace had swept over this decision, Dave did something that I never thought he would do.  He got a tattoo.  It wasn't even a small and inconspicuous tattoo.  It announced that Negusu was his and would never be forgotten.

Dave and Negusu had an amazing bond.  The thing that is so crazy about it now, is that Dave is just as much Negusu's daddy as he is to Maci, Leah, and Spencer!!!!!  It makes me so excited to know that Negusu kind of has an earthly father, even though he is in heaven.  I can't wait to go see the Goose someday and explain to him the love his daddy had for him and that his daddy is up in heaven praying for him and waiting to welcome him home, along with Spencer, Leah and Maci.  WOW!  

So, that is why a day infused with LOVE, seemed like a perfect day to Goose somebody.  Dave and I would usually do this together, but I'm sure that Dave would approve of my choice.  I always pray before I set out on hours of trolling through adoption blogs.  The kids and I did it together the other day, but the Holy Spirit was pretty quiet.  However, when I came across this particular one a couple weeks later, it was an immediate "yes" from the Holy Spirit and I knew that Dave would be all in.  What we had decided was that we wanted to "Goose"  families that had a hard adoption journey.  I suppose that particular requirement is met by about 98% of adopting families, so I guess it really boils down to "Goosing" families that the God leads us to "Goose."  The family that we have decided to Goose is at: and their story seems to parallel our in many aspects.

Another really amazing thing about "Goosing" people right now, is that my financial capabilities to Goose others comes straight other adoption families.  Some who I only know from facebook.  It is such an inspired gift.  One that gets me so excited, even on a day, that could potentially be so difficult without Dave.  Today is all about Dave's love for Goosey and how we will all be together again someday.

I just love how in this sideways video, Negusu is looking at Dave and saying "Da Da."  He's got that right.


Justine said...

I love this post! What a great story! I just "goosed" a family, too. :)

Anonymous said...

This moved me to beautiful tears. One faraway day....all this will be clear. 'Till then your life will slowly become happy again, to your own surprise. It will never be the same, but it will be happy. God bless...

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