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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Sometimes I feel a little guilty that we have this exceptional little girl from Ethiopia home and in our arms, but this blog continues to surround Goosey.  It may look bad from the outside, but honestly, I'm so thankful that I don't have the need to write about Maci in a way that is therapeutic.  It was a rough start, I'll admit, but she continues to fit into our family like the little mittens that she likes to wear around the house.  We still have our ups and downs and our rough weeks and great weeks, but, if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure she is doing well (and she still has a disarming smile that covers over a multitude of sins).

So, on to Negusu.  If you read my last post, then you know that our pursuit of Negusu has drawn to a close. Most families that were stuck with us have now either learned that they have passed through SMOWA or they will not be bringing their child home.  I'm so unbelievably happy for all the families who have finally gotten that ridiculous signature that took a year and a half too long.  However, it has also made me sad for Negusu that he will be growing up without a mom or dad.  Last week, Maci was sick for the first time since she has been home.  She was definitely not herself.  Sometimes that was a good thing, as the sheer volume in our house dropped a few levels, but most of the time is was so sad.  She would just crawl up in my lap and fall asleep or just want to snuggle.  Those moments always reminded me that when Negusu gets sick, he doesn't have a mommy's lap to crawl into.  Awwwww Negusu-I really do miss holding you.  

Anyway, since the close of Negusu, a couple things have transpired.  First of all, Dave got a tattoo of Negusu's name in Amharic.  Second,  we have been able to sponsor the little guy.  Another family had been sponsoring him, but they were so gracious in allowing us to take him on as our child.  I love that we still get to be a part of his life.  This will provide food, clothing, education, medical attention if needed and the opportunity to hear about Jesus.  In fact, a mission trip is already scheduled to go over there in April.  Dave may even get to go.  We hope that at least one of us will get to see him about every other year.  We have already sent over our first set of letters and pictures, which is so exciting.

There are so many other kids that still need sponsorship in Awassa.  Not all of them are at his orphanage.  Some of them are older kids that live with a relative, but have great needs.  How amazing would it be to have friends that sponsor kids in Awassa and then we could all go over and visit our sponsored kids at the same time???  Forget Disney - the car ride from Addis to Awassa is the most thrilling, heart pounding ride that lasts a good 4 and half hours longer than any heart racing ride at an amusement park. Below is a link to kids who still need FIG's (Families in the Gap):

If there is a child that catches your attention, then let me know, or you can facebook Charisa Knight.

If this post looks totally blah, because there are no pictures, just click on that link above and there are lots of sweet pictures of kids needing families to help support them.  I am also, determined to write a post about only Maci and I already know what pictures I'm going to include. I have a picture of her at the zoo about 10 days after we got home and one from last week.  They look like two totally different kids.  I can't wait to post those pics.  I'll have them up within 300 days, but hopefully sooner:)

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