In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A New Referral!!!!!!!!!

It is with much hesitation, hopeful expectation, guarded hearts, and great joy that we are finally announcing the acceptance of our referral of (almost) three year old "M." It's true - we have a new picture of a Q - T - PIE hanging on our fridge these days. She looks a little frightened in her pictures, but she has these huge brown eyes, a bit of an underbite and the coolest puffy hair I've seen in quite some time:) There is really no other way to describe her than a "lil punkin."

I felt like today was finally the time to post it, because we were actually submitted to court yesterday, which feels like a monumental step. It felt a little too premature to announce it in writing before passing this step. Not that this is a done deal (can you tell we are somewhat gaurded), but it seems like the ball is moving forward with little M. Just for the record, we are still praying our hearts out for Goosey and that someday we will reach this milestone with him. However, this post is not about him - it is a celebration of a new child that will be practically twinning Leah??? Lord have mercy!

While, I'm sure you all can imagine the swirl and complexity of our emotions, I'm surprised at how excited I am about this precious girl. I'm surprised that each time I see her picture, a natural smile draws across my face. I wasn't sure that was how it would play out when we got a new referral, but by God's grace, he's given us, new love for our new little one.

Well, if I don't stop writing now, I'm sure I'll find myself wandering into the "swirl and complexity of emotions," so for now . . . Woo-hoo for little, puffy haired M!


Jodi said...

Congratulations! Praying for y'all!

Charisa said...

very excited for you!! I was so glad to hear this news! Praying for a quick court date for you!

pamvazquez1971 said...

I have been following your case a long time ago (I am from Spain) and I am in the same situation but I am really happy that your process is so close to finish!!!!! A big hug!!!

hollysue said...

Pam-Do you have a blog? I would love to hear your story. I feel like we are far from our process being over with N. Do you have a child in the southern region? If you feel comfortable, I would love for you to email me. hollybonnell at hotmail dot com.