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Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Giant Garage Sale

We had a gigantic garage sale on Saturday, and in the words of one of my friends, it was a true picture of community! For the past couple months, friends have dropped off items to contribute to our garage sale, transforming our garage into a scene from the show "Hoarders." I'm sure some of our neighbors think we just own a LOT of junk! We had to rent a uhaul to transport the items to the garage sale location, and then we had to make additional trips with our 4Runner. We, also, had friends who baked cookies and sold coffee, water and sodas. And it doesn't stop there. We also had friends who gathered gift certificates and held a raffle for them. There were literally hundreds of people who came to our sale. It is not really a neighborhood garage sale day, it is like a city wide event. I can't wait to attend the garage sales next year! All that to say, we brought in about $2,500. The whole day we rarely made a sale over $10.00, but there were just so many people who purchased something that it all just added up. At the end of the day we only had to make 2 trips to the Goodwill, with mainly clothes. Seriously - Unbelievable!
So, thank you to:
The Sheridans for letting us use your yard
Everyone who donated their stuff to the sale
Everyone who came to the sale
Anthony for helping to load and unload
My parents for helping with everything all weekend
Dave who worked so hard all weekend
The Moores for selling treats
The Holtzmans for organizing the raffle
The Wilshusens for bringing treats
The Manzanares' for dinner that night

It's amazing to think that little N's life has changed already, although he has no idea yet. I can't thank you all enough for already entering in to N's life! We truly feel blessed to have friends like ya'll.

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